'Bachelor' Fiancee Catherine Giudici Accused of Cheating on Sean Lowe With One of His Best Friends

bachelor sean lowe and catherine giudiciAnother day, another Bachelor rumor involving the impending DOOM facing Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's engagement. This time, Star magazine is trying to convince us that, despite claiming to be “bursting with excitement” over their future "I do"s, Catherine is eyeing another man ... Wait, not just that! She was actually caught with another man at a party at the Palazzo apartment complex in L.A. earlier this month.

An "insider" claims that Catherine was "rubbing [Dancing With the Stars pro] Julz [Tocker]'s arm, whispering in his ear, and giggling." Say it isn't so!


The way the tab is selling this story, you'd think she had taken off her engagement ring and was cheating on Sean by making a sex tape with another C- or D-list celeb. So silly!

My theory: Julz is totes gay and/or BFFs with Sean (he has tweeted pics of him and words of encouragement to him in the past 48 hours). Sounds like Catherine just happened to be getting friendly with one of her fiance's colleagues. The HORROR!

But okay, let's humor Star. Say Julz isn't gay (ha). Say Catherine really was getting a bit flirty with another guy. And if that was the case, well, so what?

I've been told I'm a naturally flirtatious person, which I believe is how some people interpret the fact that I'm often friendly, warm, open, and outgoing -- with just about everyone. Of course, when you're attached, you have to be aware of how your friendliness could be misperceived, and you have to know when to draw the line. Because come on, are we completely supposed to act aloof, distant, and cold with other people once we're attached? Of course not! As long as everyone knows where you stand, a little flirting is no big deal.

How do you feel about flirting while attached? Do you think this rumor about Catherine cheating is totally silly, too?


Image via ABC

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