Brandi Glanville ‘Thanks’ LeAnn Rimes for Mother’s Day Flowers in a Childish Way

brandi glanvilleDid you hear? LeAnn Rimes sent Brandi Glanville flowers for Mother's Day! Dawww ... Maybe we're on the brink of a reconCibriation between those two. It was the perfect gesture from LeAnn, following Brandi declaring a Twitter truce with her. Or, I don't know if I'd call it a truce so much as a detente. Anyway, Brandi said she was going to stop all the Twitter drama with LeAnn.

Except ... Brandi just couldn't take LeAnn's flower gesture at face value and be gracious about it. She tweeted, "I thanked @leannrimes on twitter4 my flowers. Our relationship is that we still dont even say hi at baseball. I dont have her number-thats it." Wow, the back-handed thank-you. Well played, Brandi. Well played. (Golf clap) LeAnn tweeted that Brandi never actually thanked her, not that that's why she sent the flowers -- and then she deleted that tweet. Anyway, here's how Brandi could have responded instead.


I'd like to thank @leannrimes 4the beautiful flowers. TheyR almost as nice as U!

Thanks, @leannrimes 4the Mom's day flowers! Am now at 45% forgiveness 4U.

Hey @leannrimes TY 4 the flowers. Almost makes up for stealing my husband, LOL! JK ;)

Love the flowers @leannrimes sent me 4 mom's day. They look nice scattered all over my front lawn. My dog loved them.

Thanks @leannrimes for the forget-me-nots. I forgot all about why I hate you!

TY to @leannrimes who sent me flowers today. I'll send you a bunch for Stepmother's Day. When is that, anyway? Oh yeah...

So sweet @leannrimes sent me flowers b/c she knows my kids will never love her like they love me!

Thanks @leannrimes for having those flowers Eddie bought for me delivered.

There, now was that so hard? Actually, the best way to respond would have been to call Eddie (they share kids, she must have his number) so he could pass the phone over to LeAnn so Brandi could give her a proper thank-you.

How do you think Brandi should have responded to LeAnn's flowers?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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