‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Reality Show Dreams Might Become a Real Nightmare for Us

farrah abrahamTeen Mom Farrah Abraham may be done starring in hour-long adult films, but don't throw her out of the spotlight just yet. The 21-year-old money-shot maven told Hollywood Life that she's moving to Los Angeles, natch, to pursue a career in television. Farrah wants to star in a reality TV show, she says, and is contemplating offers as we speak.


She's yet to find the right show for her, but something tells me her standards aren't that high. I mean, this is the woman who tried to hire a boyfriend just to get on VH1's Couples Therapy, and when that didn't work out, she made a porno.

Anyway, Farrah insists that whatever show she's on, her 4-year-old daughter Sophia will be on it, too. Ah, nothing like exploiting your toddler on TV.

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Here's the thing: what the hell is this reality show going to be about? What will Farrah do with her days? Will we watch her sign autographs at adult film conventions? Will we see her roll her eyes after each date who mentions her backdoor scene? Will she wax her toddler's eyebrows on camera? I'm just curious what the hook is here. Farrah herself has said she's never doing porn again, so it's not as if the show will be centered around her new-found career.

I've heard her dream is to open a restaurant ... it's too bad she wasn't invited to star on VH1's Famous Food alongside Hollywood big hitters like Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub, and Eliot Spitzer call-girl Ashley Dupre.

Hmm. Call girl. Maybe that's what Farrah's show will be about?

Only time will tell.

What do you think Farrah's reality show will be about?


Photo via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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