'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Baby Daddy Must Be Trying to Win Her Back

ryan edwards and maci bookout bentleyFormer Teen Mom star Maci Bookout may be in a happy -- albeit long-distance -- relationship with Taylor McKinney, but that doesn't seem to bother her ex and Bentley's daddy, Ryan Edwards. Having broken up with longtime girlfriend Dallis Connell and proposed to Maci on Twitter back in December, he appears to still be single ... and still be possibly pining for the mother of his son.

While it appears to have been edited or taken down, Ryan reportedly posted a photo taken on a beach, along with the caption, "If I just had the love of my life with me @MaciBookoutMTV." And before that, he tweeted, "@MaciBookoutMTV happy Mother's Day we love you!" Awww. No wonder fans of the former couple are rooting for the pair to get back together.

Still, Maci seems resistant to the idea, and it's probably in her best interest.


As sweet as it would be to see Bentley's parents back together, it's called a breakup because it's broken. Maci must have her reasons for steering clear of a reunion with Ryan. And I've got a feeling that her rationale isn't just limited to the fact that she's attached to Taylor. (It's not like any of the Teen Mom stars -- or any reality stars, for that matter -- have trouble breaking up with one guy to go out with another!)

More likely, she feels it's healthier for them to remain friends. And quite possibly, she feels that a strictly platonic relationship between Mommy and Daddy is what's best for Bentley. I can't see the harm in that, but I could definitely see how there might be trouble if they tried to get back together and failed. She's already been down that road by reuniting with Kyle King -- and we saw how well that worked out!

Come to think of it ... it's possible Maci's rejection of Ryan is actually an example of how a Teen Mom has learned from her mistakes! Gasp! If that is the case, good for her. A few of her co-stars -- cough Jenelle? -- could stand to grow up and do the same!

Do you agree Maci's wise to steer clear of a reunion with Ryan?


Image via MTV

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