'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Barney Explodes Again

Tamra BarneyIt was off to whine wine country this week for the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Well, all of them except for Alexis Bellino, because no one was crazy enough to try and make that happen after the big gym-warming party fiasco.

From the get-go Tamra Barney was whiny about Vicki Gunvalson's involvement in their business, Wines by Wives, which was the purpose of the trip. Of course, Gretchen Rossi was there egging Tamra on any chance she got. Vicki did seem a bit uninterested in the whole thing based on what we saw, but she also was there all alone while everyone else was coupled up and was clearly having a hard time dealing with that. Can you blame her?

When Vicki announced she had to leave, Tarma was pissed. Instead of telling her they needed to talk or schedule a business meeting where they could sit down and calmly discuss things, Tamra -- once again -- flipped out.


She called Vicki a bitch and started screaming at her in front of everyone. Classy it was not, but that's what Tamra does -- she freaks out on people. One by one she has gone through the housewives, pissing them off and alienating them. There aren't many left that haven't felt her wrath.

In the aftermath we saw her confessing to Eddie that she doesn't like how she behaved. "I go from I’m okay to I explode. I feel like there's no in between with me." She said she grew up in a family that didn't discuss their emotions, so the only way she knows is to scream and yell, and then she feels like shit afterwards.

"My lack of communication ultimately makes me look like a bitch," she said. Talk about some spot-on self-evaluation. As insightful as it was, however, I had this nagging feeling that nothing she was saying was all that heartfelt. Maybe it was the Botox, but it seemed she was doing it more for show than anything else. While fans (myself included) used to really like her and her spunky ways, we've grown tired of her mean girl behavior, and I don't think she likes it. So I suspect this is her attempt to win back some sympathy.

Hopefully, I'm wrong, and she really does feel bad and want to change ... but I'll believe it when I see it.

That doesn't mean I think Vicki was 100 percent right here either, nor did I think Alexis was. But Tamra is right that her way of approaching these situations is wrong ... I just don't know if she really believes it or has any intention of changing.

As for Heather and Terry Dubrow -- what the hell was that? One of the most transparent attempts ever to try and become relevant on the show? Their fighting was beyond awkward, and the way Terry brought up that they'd talked divorce during their last fight was just unbelievable -- literally. Nice try though.

Do you think Tamra really feels bad about how she acts? Do you think Terry and Heather's fight was all for show?


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