'SNL' Spoofs Mother's Day With Hilarious Accuracy (VIDEO)

SNLKristen Wiig returned to Saturday Night Live last night as host. It was great to see her back. She and her former crew tackled a lot too -- from the Benghazi hearings, which included Jodi Arias and even the Ohio kidnappings, to the return of the Target Lady, it was a packed night.

One skit, however, stood out for its spot-on hilarity -- a tribute to Mother's Day. In it Wiig appears in a 1-800-Flowers commercial to celebrate the holiday. "This Mother's Day I'm going to show my mom how much I care with a little help from 1-800-Flowers," Wiig says. Then she gives the bouquet to her mom (played by Kate McKinnon), and a scenario that's all-too-familiar to many of us ensues.


"Oh honey, I love these. Thank you, but maybe you should keep them because your apartment is so sad." Leave it to mom. 

As the saying goes -- it's funny because it's true. For all of the syrupy, sweet love we profess for our mothers on this day, the truth is that they also drive us batsh*t crazy too.

The brunch scene is dead on. Her mom asks if there are nuts in her dish. Wiig, trying to muster some patience says, "There are never nuts in eggs Benedict. You're not even allergic. Nothing would happen." Then, there's the whole missing debit card scenario, which if you can't relate to ... consider yourself lucky. "I've been thieved!"

Of course, as I laugh at this skit, there's also part of me cringing inside, wondering just what things I'll do years down the line to drive my own kids crazy. I'm sure there will be something, because that's just a part of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day!

Can you relate? What does your mom do that drives you crazy?


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