'Glee' Recap: The Right Couple Gets Married

Glee finaleWell, that's it folks. The season finale of Glee took the New Directions to regionals, and a host of characters announced they'll be saying goodbye. But don't go crying now ... that's bad luck at a wedding.

Needless to say there are major spoilers ahead, folks! But if you heard rumors that someone was getting married tonight, well ...


It didn't happen. At least, Kurt and Blaine didn't get hitched. Phewww!!

Blaine did hit the jewelry store with Tina to pick out a ring. That's where he met Patty Duke, aka Janet, a lesbian with a romantic streak, who encouraged Blaine to bring Kurt out for dinner at Breadsticks with her sweetie Liz ... played by the one and only Meredith Baxter!

Gay marriage isn't yet legal in Ohio, but that didn't stop Janet from pledging her troth to Liz right before the young lovers' eyes. 

But no, they didn't get hitched tonight either.

Which leaves only ...

Emma and Mr. Schue. Finally! They're married!

McKinley's cutest couple of appropriate marriage age surprised the Glee club after their regionals win (come on, you knew that was coming, didn't you?) with a quickie wedding in the choir room. Emma said I do, Will said I do, and it's official -- Wemma is 'til death do us part.

Speaking of parting, expect to see some favorites gone when Glee comes back in the fall. Brittany's genius has been explained -- turns out she was getting so used to people telling her she was dumb that she actually believed it ... and acted that way -- and she's been accepted to MIT early admission. Rather than finish out her second senior year at McKinley; she's jumping ship.

Also heading out is Ryder, who is nursing some serious hurt after finding out it was Unique Catfishing him this whole time.

We'll miss them both, but there's already promise of plenty of drama without them. Blaine did buy that ring, after all ... now we just have to wait to find out what he does with it.

What did you think of the low-key wedding? Were you hoping Blaine would pop the question?


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