'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Latest Defense of Her Sex Tape Is Disturbing

farrah abrahamLooks like Farrah Abraham still won't fess up to purposely making a porno. Despite the fact that the tape has been sold and is available on the web, she continues to insist that she made it simply to commemorate her incredibly hot bod. But that's not even the craziest part. You won't believe what the Teen Mom star said about the raunchy, X-rated shoot with porn star James Deen.


During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she claimed:

“I was under the belief [that filming with Deen] would help better protect me and my privacy. I was like, ‘If this guy is so professional, and everything is going to be fine, then I was like, I’m happier with this choice.’”

Oh dear. This is sad. Really sad. She thought by hiring a guy who has sex on camera for a living, her privacy would be protected. She can't be serious. If she truly believes that, she is more lost, misguided, and confused than anyone thought. She claims that she only decided to sell the tape because Deen was going to leak the video.

It's just sad to see her situation go from bad to worse. Life is hard enough as a teen mom, now she's a teen mom-turned-adult video star. What is wrong with this young woman. If she really wanted to remember her fit body once she is old and grey, why not have a bare naked photo shoot or just take a video of yourself, well, pleasuring yourself. This just doesn't make any sense.

I can't help but be concerned about her future. Where does she go from here? Teen Mom is about to end and instead of turning her fame into some legitimate, respectable enterprise, she is now available for download by every horny guy in America. It's just so disappointing.

Do you believe Farrah's claims that she thought making the video with a professional porn star would better protect her privacy?


Image via MTV

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