Maci Bookout Handles Long Distance Better Than the Rest of Us

Maci BookoutWhile the world is off worrying about Farrah Abraham's sex tape, fellow Teen Mom Maci Bookout has a few worries of her own. Primarily pertaining to her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Taylor. The couple has been dating since the end of 2012, a sweet change of pace from her iffy relationship with ex Kyle Regal. But lately, it seems Maci's struggling a bit. The Teen Mom star tweeted, "Long distance relationships can be hard when you have kids."

Yes, yes they can. But I'm gonna be honest: long-distance relationships are hard, period. You need to give yourself some credit here Maci.


Long-distance relationships have their own sets of complications. When things are going hard for you at work or in your family life, a normal person can call up their significant other and meet them at a diner down the road. In a long-distance relationship, that's not an option. Your communication is different. The way you deal with one another is different. Seeing someone you care about once in a blue moon puts so much added, difficult stress on a relationship.

For Maci, she's dealing with the pressures of being in a long-distance relationship while also dealing with being in the public eye AND being a mom. That's a lot to handle. I'll be the first to commend her that she's doing an awfully great job.

The redhead is, in my eyes, one of the best Teen Mom moms there is out there, a great role model for her son Bentley, and stays out of trouble 98 percent of the time. I know if I were in her shoes, I'd be having a rough time handling it all too.

Do you think Maci has anything to be worried about?


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