‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Boyfriend Slams Her for Being Fake

farrah abrahamUsually when an ex-boyfriend gives an interview to the tabloids, we roll our eyes at his opportunist behavior and ignore every word he says. But when Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's ex decides to talk, we're all ears. Now that we all know what she's like having sex (apparently, she sounds like a dolphin), I'm curious to know what it was like dating her.

Farrah and Marcel Kaminstein dated for a few months last winter after meeting on J-Date and he spoke to Celebuzz about their relationship. Spoiler alert: his comments are amazing.


My friends never really liked her. She was extremely rude. She doesn’t come off as a very nice person. It has to do with her being a little bit of a diva and something to do with fact that she’s always on and upholding an image rather than just being herself.

Kaminstein just hit the nail on the head so hard I think I heard it yelp like a dolphin.

That's exactly how Farrah comes across. During her sit-down with Dr. Phil, Farrah acted like a total moron and a complete brat. Each of her Keek videos is a lesson in self-obsession. And her porn, of which I've only seen some Internet clips, isn't real or even well-acted. It's Farrah's interpretation of what a porn star should be, and it's about as natural and organic as Cheetos.

Kaminstein says he has no plans to watch her porn, but applauds her "success."

Would be call this "success", Kaminstein? Would we?

No word on how Farrah feels about Kaminstein, but she apparently didn't like him enough to try and pay him to go on VH1's Couples' Therapy with her. That was her ex Carson Underwood.

Plus, she's claimed she turned to porn after dating "loser ass boys" and crying herself to sleep every night. In that case, maybe Kaminstein is eligible for some royalties.

What do you think of Farrah's ex's comments?


Photo via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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