'DWTS' Results Recap: Kellie Pickler's Jeopardy May Be Thanks to Len

Sean LoweDancing With the Stars always loves to use the results show to completely recap the show we just saw 24 hours ago. It's rarely as entertaining as the Monday night show. And yet tonight gave the show a real run for its money.

Most of it was thanks to Derek Hough's gravity-defying Stars of Dance performance, which took to the ceiling, the walls, and all over the set. It was pretty impressive and unique. In fact, it was one of the better dances I have seen on the show. Emeli Sandé also performed her hit "Next to Me," which was totally fantastic.

Of course, everyone is really tuning in just to see who is going home. This week, in my opinion, it was pretty obvious. Still, the show tried to throw us through some loops. The bottom three were Kellie Pickler, Sean Lowe, and Jacoby Jones. Come on, now?


It's a little known fact that the bottom three don't reflect voting. They only reflect the show's desire to keep up the suspense. Did anyone really think Jacoby or Kellie would go over Sean?

The reality is, Sean is lucky to have made it as far as he did. He never really improved all that much, and now we are down to the really good dancers in the semi-finals, with one really obvious lame duck left to go (sorry Ingo).

So now it's on to the semi-finals. Hard to believe we have come here so quickly.

It's really anyone's guess as to who will win. I could see Aly Raisman coming from behind, but as of now, my money is on Zendaya. She just has that certain thing. Of course, you never REALLY know until the end.

I wasn't sad to see Sean -- "just a guy from Texas" -- giddyup and go tonight. He was way overdue.


Were you happy with who went home?


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