'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky's New Boyfriend Looks Eerily Familiar

Ali Fedotowsky

OMG. Have you gotten a load of the new guy Ali Fedotowsky is dating? Yes, that Ali Fedotowsky -- the former Bachelorette who sort of fell off the face of the Earth once her relationship with Roberto Martinez ended. (So tragic.)

Well, she's back ladies and gentlemen, and she has a new dude on her arm. Who is he, you ask? Well, his name is Kevin Manno, and he's the host of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, which is on Lifetime. (Don't worry, I've never heard of him or the show either.)

According to a friend, he's "the first guy she's dating since Roberto," and he "makes her really happy."

Aww. That's sweet. But there's one thing about this guy that is really kind of strange.


Am I nuts, or does he remind you of Frank -- the guy on Ali's season who dumped her in Fiji so he could run back home to Chicago and get back together with his ex-girlfriend?

Oh, come on -- you remember Frank. This dude. The one with the glasses.

Ali Fedotowsky guys

Ahhhhh, yes. The sweet, dorky guy with the glasses who everyone (including Ali) fell in love with, and then fell promptly out of love with the minute he broke her heart.

Seriously -- the resemblance is uncanny, almost to the point of being kind of pathetic and sad. Really, when I first saw that photo of the two of them in Us Weekly, I thought it was Frank.

Don't you see what's going on, here? Ali still isn't over Frank, which is why she couldn't resist dating a guy who looks a hell of a lot like him. He's, like, bizarro Frank or something like that.

Ali was pretty much beside herself when Frank let her go, so I guess it's not surprising if she's still harboring feelings for him. She never got any sort of closure when their relationship ended, so it's only natural for her to wonder "what could've been" had he not decided to hop a plane back to Chicago. (And it didn't even end up working out with that chick. Ugh.)

While I'm sure Kevin is a great guy, he's never going to fill that void for her -- if, of course, she's still pining for Frank.

(And based on how much they look alike, I'd say odds are good she still is.)

Do you think Ali is attracted to Kevin because she still misses Frank?


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