'Downton Abbey' Season 4 Spoilers: Your Favorite Character Will NOT Be Killed Off, Promise

lady edith downton abbeyHey, did you hear there's a scene in Iron Man where Happy watches Downton Abbey in a hospital? Did you hear there's going to be a whole line of Downton clothes? Did you hear about the Downton jewelry line? Do you care? No, of course you don't care about all that. It's all about the DOWNTON ABBEY SPOILERS! Well I deliver. I'm giving the people whats they wants.

(I lie -- I'm actually keenly interested in the Downton clothing line and I think samples need to be sent to my office for my inspection post-haste.) Now let's talk about the latest details about next season's Downton.


First of all, I just want everyone to know that the Dowager Countess will NOT be killed off in season 4, and we heard it from the Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton herself. So there's that. Death, be not proud, that rumor is "Donne." (Heheh.)

Edith's editor boyfriend is back. Yes, Michael Gregson is definitely still interested in Edith. BUT! It looks like he may have competition. Laura Carmichael, who plays Lady Edith, says her character's love life with have "ups and downs and twists and turns to the story, and all of it is desperately exciting." She also says she wants Ryan Gosling to play her love interest. 1. Of course she does. 2. Co-sign. "Ryan Gosling. I think he would be brilliant in Downton, and it would be a waste if it doesn't happen." I couldn't agree more, but so far no confirmed Gosling/Downton news. Sigh.

Edith goes after what she wants. But besides her love life, Edith will relish the modern age -- especially when she's not under Downton's roof. Carmichael says Edith will get to reinvent herself. "She's really embracing the modern way of life, she's working, and of course she gets to go to London and I get some great clothes. She's evolving. It's really fun playing Edith with the bit between her teeth and going after what she wants." But does she GET it?!?

Daisy cleans up. Literally. Actress Sophie McShera says Daisy's "got up on the world a bit" and been promoted, so she gets to wash her hair now! She says she used to have wax put in her hair, and she'd just leave it in for a week while she was filming. But sadly, Daisy STILL will not be lucky in love -- and not for trying.

You heard about Gary Carr joining the cast, right? Just checking. HAWT.

Where do you think things will go between Edith and Michael?


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