'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's Legs Have the One Quality That Makes Short-Shorts Possible

Emily MaynardSigh. Just when we thought she couldn't possibly get any more attractive, Bachelorette Emily Maynard posed in short-shorts for a picture she posted to Instagram -- and now there's no denying that she has one seriously amazing figure going on.

She wore the floral-patterned attire for the A Better World Charlotte golf tournament, and combined with a light pink sweater, this is one look we'd all love to copy for sure.

There's only one problem.


Most of us aren't blessed with a body like Emily's -- which is why even considering throwing on a pair of short-shorts is totally out of the question.

And if you're anything like me, that's the main reason you avoid shorts at all costs and stick to dresses whenever possible.

But there are some occasions when shorts are really the only appropriate attire (like heading to an amusement park) -- which is why I broke down and went shopping for a few pairs last weekend.

And while the experience wasn't nearly as excruciating as I anticipated -- it still wasn't pretty when I attempted to try on any pair that crept up above my mid-thigh region.

My legs are far from horrible, but they certainly ain't what they were 10 years ago. Translation -- pregnancy, age, and oh yeah, AGE have unfortunately been accompanied by cellulite, and cellulite is horrific, and so I try to cover up as much of it as I possibly can for the sake of the eyes of the general population. (You're welcome.)

Mid-thigh-length shorts don't cover it completely, but they come close -- and Bermuda shorts are even better. And that's why I passed up the short-shorts racks entirely and stocked up on a few pairs of Bermudas and mid-thighs instead, and I'm cool with it.

But I won't lie. If I had legs that were slender, toned, and cellulite-free like Emily's? I'd live in a pair of short-shorts the entire summer -- proudly. Oh, who are we kidding, I'd flaunt those babies left and right whenever I got the chance, even if the temperatures were a little bit chilly.

Do you still wear short-shorts?


Image via Instagram

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