'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Explicit Tape Crashes the Internet

FarrahTeen Mom Farrah Abraham may not be a celebrity for any kind of major talent, and last week, some may have argued she wasn't even a "celebrity" at all. After all, a girl who gets famous for having a baby thanks to MTV's reality cameras is not exactly the same as Jennifer Garner. But Vivid Entertainment, the company who bought Abraham's sex tape, said it would do well and people would want to see this "celeb" get down and dirty.

Now, it turns out they were right.

Yesterday, the teen mom's tape release broke Vivid's servers for a full nine minutes. About two million visitors came to download the tape and overwhelmed the servers. Nine minutes may not seem like much, but consider that Kim K and Ray J's tape attracted 600,000 during the same time frame. In other words, people would rather see Backdoor Teen Mom than Kim. Yuck. And congrats.


I feel at once horrified and also happy for Farrah. After all, this is what she wants, right? She wants it to sell well. Will her future include more Teen Mom? Doubtful. But will it have more porn? I guess we will wait and see.

It's kind of sad how quickly she made the jump from potential entrepreneur to porn star. And make no mistake, this is no "sex tape." This is a porno, plain and simple. You don't hire a porn star to be part of your "sex tape." How desperate was she for money?

For one million dollars, maybe she really wanted the money. It does set her up for an awfully long time. Although, after seeing the clips from the video, I am beyond horrified. Clearly this isn't some demure sex tape. This is a full-on porno.

The reality is, if it sells well, she will have more opportunities like this. Is it a mistake? Maybe. But it's also sad.

I have no doubt that in 10 years, no one will know Farrah's name. This is a blip on the life of pop culture, but will change hers forever.

Do you think Farrah wanted this from the beginning?


Photo via FarrahAbrahamOfficial/Instagram

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