'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans Admits Just How Far She's Gone to Get High

Jenelle EvansMaybe it would have been easier to take Jenelle Evans' tears during part one of the finale special of Teen Mom 2 with Dr. Drew if we didn't know that she was recently arrested on heroin charges. As it was, it was a little hard to take her seriously as she turned on the waterworks and pinned the blame for all her drug problems on ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp.

These would be her past drug problems, mind you, not anything current. The reunion special was shot back in November, and Jenelle was forced to answer for being stoned on camera. Her confessions were more than a little unsettling.


Jenelle admitted to Dr. Drew that she overdosed at least once while visiting Kieffer's family in New Jersey. And even though she insisted she always used clean needles, Jenelle admitted to the TV shrink that she left shooting up to Kieffer. As Dr. Drew pointed out, she had no real idea what he was using or how he was doing it.

At least, that's her story. Through tears, we heard how much she hated using the hardcore drug, how it landed her in the hospital several times as she was coming down off a high, and how she has absolutely no clue how to shoot up herself.



I'd like to think that at the time -- way back in November -- Jenelle really thought she was going to clean up her act. She seemed to think she was doing fine at the time. She was even righteously indignant with Dr. Drew that her mom hasn't yet loosened up and allowed her to let Jace stay overnight at her apartment.

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But the charges pending against her now, and the fact that she was served for being behind on her child support for Jace just a few months after the finale special was shot, make each revelation to Dr. Drew sound more less like the talk of a teen mom who accidentally got pulled into something bad by a crappy boyfriend and more like the excuses of classic drug addict.

And as long as she's playing the blame game, Jenelle is not going to get better.

Fortunately things were much better for the other mom featured tonight. Kailyn went off the rails a bit when Dr. Drew forced her to have a sit-down with ex-boyfriend Jo's girlfriend Vee. She stomped off the stage, refusing to make peace with the other woman in her son's life. Ironically, Kail's biggest problem with Vee stems from photos she found of Jo's girlfriend online ... doing drugs.

But after a commercial break, she'd made peace with Dr. Drew at least and returned for a sweet talk with new husband Javi about their plans for the future, plans that focus on trying to provide stability for little Isaac.

At least one of the girls has her priorities straight.

What did you think of Jenelle's breakdown? Did it feel honest to you?


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