'Bachelor' Fiancée Catherine Giudici Goes Not So Secretly Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Catherine Giudici Lesley MurphyOMG. What the heck was she thinking? Bachelor Sean Lowe's fiancée, Catherine Giudici, went maternity shopping, which is bizarre enough in itself considering she's not pregnant -- and then she went and tweeted about it to make sure everyone knew she'd been in a maternity store.

Oh. Yes. She. Did.

On May 2, she headed into the store in L.A. with fellow Bachelor co-star Lesley Murphy and then posted the following update to her Twitter account:

"Just emerged from the womb of Destination Maternity. Boy, was it crowded in there. @LesleyMurph @bhlmagazine #letthefalserumorsbegin #milky!"


Sean, of course, was quick to respond with a funny tweet of his own by saying, "It's not mine!" a few minutes later. (Duh. Like he'd even have to clarify if she really did have a bun in the oven.)

Ok, so from what I can tell, it looks like Catherine and Lesley were invited to some sort of event at the store -- but was it really such a good idea for her to go and tweet about it?

Considering how many questions are already floating around about the status of Sean and Catherine's relationship, whether they've actually slept together, and whether or not he's fooling around with his Dancing With the Stars partner, Peta Murgatroyd -- why would Catherine set the two of them up for a whole host of new rumors?

I don't care how obvious it is that she's not expecting -- she still went into a maternity shop, and Sean still responded with "It's not mine!" That, my friends, is a recipe for the cover page of a tabloid for sure.

Can't you see the headline now? "Catherine Giudici Carrying Love Child in Ultimate Betrayal Against Sean Lowe" -- or some bullsh&% like that.

Ugh. If she wants to attend events at maternity stores -- so be it. But for crying out loud, Catherine, don't make it so public next time! There are more than enough wacky rumors floating around already without setting both you and Sean up for new and unnecessary ones.

Why on earth do you think Catherine and Lesley went to this event?


Image via Charley Gallay/Getty

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