'Walking Dead' Gets Bad Lip Reading Treatment & It's Predictably Awesome (VIDEO)

The Walking Dead Bad Lip ReadingYou've seen the pants-wettingly hilarious Bad Lip Reading videos, right? On the off chance you're unfamiliar, it's a YouTube channel run by an anonymous music/video producer who has a diabolical knack for overdubbing bizarre vocals over existing footage. Bad Lip Reading has taken on Twilight, Hunger Games, the NFL, and now -- hooray! -- it's The Walking Dead's turn.

I really and truly don't know how the genius behind Bad Lip Reading manages to match the lip movements and voices so well, but he/she knocked it out of the park again with this send-up of our favorite zombie show. Even the most annoying characters are laugh-out-loud hilarious (Andrea whining about how it's not fair that she doesn't have a banjo? HAHAHA), and wait until you see the Governor's musical number.

Yes. Musical number. You really don't want to miss this clip.


Here's the clip, which has racked up over three million views since it was posted last Thursday:

(Oh, and if you're not caught up with season 3, I think you're okay to watch this -- I didn't spot any major spoilers, and the entire thing is fantastically nonsensical.)

That wasn't the absolute funniest Bad Lip Reading video I've ever seen (that honor goes to the NFL version for sure), but it's pretty great, right? I can't decide which are my favorite lines, because there are so MANY.

"But you'd eat a bagel." -- Morgan

"My lips are so sore already." -- Lori

"I don't want to mess up your dumb potato basket." -- Daryl

"Excuse me! I broke wind." -- Glenn

"I need a man that can decorate and mix my brew." -- Shane

"Drrreet!" -- Carl

"Yeahhhh. I farted on you when you put banana peppers in the Wheaties." -- Maggie

"Guess what? I just ate a hot dog!" -- zombie

"Labibibabibidum! CLUCK ... went the chicken." -- the Governor

What did you think of the Bad Lip Reading version of The Walking Dead?

Image via YouTube

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