'Mad Men' Recap: Peggy Olson Is Back Where She Belongs

Mad Men Peggy OlsonWhoa, Nelly! Or should I say, Whoa, Peggy? There were big moves being made on tonight's Mad Men, and Peggy Olson couldn't escape the waves crashing into her as the tide rolled in. 

We've seen bits and pieces of Peggy this season, but her storyline hasn't really taken off. That is until tonight's "For Immediate Release" episode, which had her penning the press release that gave the episode its title.

Needless to say, there are SPOILERS ahead!


That press release announced the creation of a brand new ad agency (yes, another one).

Good bye Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Goodbye Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough.

Hello as-yet-to-be-named new agency that will have our old friends working WITH their old rivals ... and Peggy's relatively new bosses. The combination comes on the heels of SCDP losing Jaguar (thanks to Don giving them the heave ho) and Vicks (thanks to Pete running into his father-in-law, the Vicks honcho, at a brothel).

Roger managed to snag a meeting at Chevy for SCDP, but when Ted Chaough walks into a Detroit bar and finds Don already drinking, the two quickly determine they're not going to get anywhere as two separate but small agencies. As one behemoth, on the other hand, they can take over the world ... or at least Madison Avenue. 

Of course combining might be good for their bottom lines, but what about Peggy?

She just bought an apartment with Abe! She can't afford to leave her job as copy chief with Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough, even if it means following them right on back to the people she just left.

Not that she'd want to. It seems the more time our Peggy spends with Ted, the more she's falling for her boss. She's even picturing Don's foil when she's making out with Abe.

She may be shocked to be returning to work with Don Draper rather than against him, but at this point Peggy seems content to follow Ted anywhere. Even if it is back into the lion's den.

And if reuniting Peggy with Don means we get to see more of her, that's perfectly fine with us. At Don's side is just where Peggy belongs!

How about you? Are you happy to see Peggy and Don working together again?


Image via Michael Yarish/AMC

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