Hilarious Website Proves Justin Bieber & King Joffrey From 'Game of Thrones' Are Long-Lost Twins

Joffrey BieberGod, aren't you sick of his annoying antics? His arrogant attitude, his dangerously immature decisions, his horrible haircut, his smug little face, his vicious need for power? I am of course talking about Justin Bieber ... AND Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones.

Someone decided that there were one too many similarities between the boy singer and the boy king, and thus was born the ingenious Tumblr site Joffrey Bieber. It's basically a collection of Photoshopped images with Bieber's face replacing Joffrey's, but the results are hilariously spot-on. As the site says, it's "Where fiction's biggest brat and real life's biggest brat become one!"

Check out some of the funniest Bieber/Baratheon mashups:


Wow, that crown looks freakishly at home on King Bieber's head, doesn't it? If only there was some way to imagine what Justin's reaction to this website might be ...


What do you think: is it pretty beliebable (HO HO HO) to see Justin sitting on the Iron Throne?

Images via Joffrey Bieber/Tumblr

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