'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Sexy Bikini Pic Takes Some of Farrah's Spotlight

jenelle evansEven though Teen Mom Jenelle Evans faces up to seven years in prison for her alleged heroin possession and domestic violence charges, the 21-year-old reality star doesn't seem to be bothered. Earlier this week, Jenelle headed to the beach for a little R&R, but paused first to take a seductive selfie pic in a neon string bikini.

She also took a moment to respond to a girl's tweets who claimed to have sex with Courtland Rogers in Jenelle's bed and all over her house, but that's neither here nor there.


So, with this latest bikini pic ... is Jenelle trying to compete with Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, whose porn with James Deen comes out next week? Is she trying to direct the sexy conversation back to herself?

Jenelle and Farrah have already had some beef. Farrah claimed that Jenelle was obsessed with her, and copying her every move. Jenelle responded with a poignant, "she's dumb" and has seemingly moved on from the matter.

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Jenelle's bikini selfie is harmless enough (and I will refrain from any references about her looking "heroin chic"), but in the context of her legal drama and the serious repercussions she faces, it just seems a little sad.

We'll all find out together on May 14 what punishment fits Jenelle's crimes, and I hope whatever is mandated, Jenelle gets the help she needs.

Because if she doesn't, I'm sure a $1.5 million payday for a porn would sound like a great deal, and I'd bet someone would be willing to give her that opportunity.

But frankly, I don't know if I can handle the epic my-porn-is-better-than-your-porn Twitter battle that would rage between Jenelle and Farrah. Farrah would freak.

What do you think is in Jenelle's future?


Photo via PBandJenelley 1/Twitter

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