'Glee' Recap: It's Much Too Soon for Wedding Bells

Glee Wonder-FulIt was all about old favorites on tonight's Glee episode, the last one before the season 4 finale. The New Directions brought back their old habit of dedicating a week to one singer with a Stevie Wonder send-up, and Mercedes Jones and Mike Chang were back at McKinley High to help whip the glee club into shape for regionals. And while they were taking us for a walk down memory lane, the writers decided it was time to let us know what Kurt and Blaine are up to.

HUGE spoiler ahead!


We haven't heard much from Klaine since the Mr. Schue wedding that wasn't. Remember? Even though they were broken up, Kurt and Blaine slept together.

Come to think of it, so did Finn and Rachel. And now it looks like Lima's favorite gay couple may follow Finn and Rachel into another mistake. Remember their disastrous wedding shortly before graduation?

Tonight, Blaine asked Kurt's dad for his permission to ask Kurt to marry him. And just when you didn't think you could love TV's most understanding papa any more, Burt Hummel said exactly what every Klaine fan out there was thinking: hell to the NO!

Thank goodness he said it.

I can appreciate the writers going there in that they're treating Klaine like Finchel, making the point that the desires of gay teenage couples are no different from straight ones. Blaine and Kurt's relationship has made a real difference for gay kids in America.

But a Klaine wedding is the last thing the marriage equality movement needs. A high school student getting hitched on TV? That doesn't exactly scream progress.

The previews for next week's finale show Blaine asking someone to be his best man. Here's hoping it doesn't get any further than him asking. We don't need another Finn and Rachel disaster on our hands!

What do you think of a Kurt and Blaine wedding?


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