‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe May Already Have His Next Girlfriend Lined Up

sean and petaIf you were holding out hope that Sean Lowe and his pick Catherine Giudici would actually make it to the altar -- you are going to be seriously heartbroken by this latest report. According to In Touch, the buff, former Bachelor has already moved on to a new lady love.


Word is, the dance floor isn't the only place Sean and his DWTS partner Peta Murgatroyd are heating things up. If the tabloid is to be believed, the pair has been sneaking off for romantic rendezvous despite his proclamations of undying love for Catherine.

I for one totally buy that Sean has the hots for Peta. If you think about it, his DWTS experience is a lot like those Bachelor dates. Two hot people are forced together, isolated from others for hours at a time; they have to do some physical challenge that ultimately bonds them (in this case, it’s a paso doble and cha cha instead of repelling down a building); she is always wearing sexy, skimpy clothes and he's often shirtless; and he gets to put his hands all over her. Of course he's developed a thing for her. And the chemistry between these two is undeniable.

Needless to say, this is really bad news for sweet, bubbly Catherine. She sits in the audience each week looking happy and totally clueless to the fact that her made-for-TV romance will end soon -- whether it is because someone cheats or they just realize they are not right for one another. We've seen this happen to Bachelor and Bachelorette alums season after season, but it's still sad to watch unfold.

Check out Sean and Peta's chemistry:


Do you think Sean has a thing for his DWTS partner Peta?

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