'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Might Be Marrying Catherine Giudici for All the Wrong Reasons

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Uh-oh, people. You're not gonna like this one. According to a source who talked to Life & Style magazine, Bachelor Sean Lowe is marrying Catherine Giudici for money and fame -- and nothing else.

(I know. Say it isn't so, right?)

Ugh. If this rumor is true, it's really, really sad -- especially for Catherine, who is all excited about her upcoming wedding to the man of her dreams.

And it really sucks for those of us who still believe maybe, just maybe -- couples who fall in love on The Bachelor are actually the real deal. (Snort.)


Apparently if Sean and Catherine get married on TV, their nuptials could come with a nice payout of around $1 million -- which is the only reason Sean's still planning on tying the knot, according to the source.

Ok, so none of us want to believe this is true, but you have to admit, it's not entirely impossible that the promise of money and fame is serving as an incentive for the couple to stay in their relationship.

And I know he insists that he never wanted to be famous and all that jazz, but come on. Based on how much he seems to be enjoying all the attention he's getting on Dancing With the Stars, it's obvious that Sean digs the spotlight way more than he's willing to admit.

Would it really be such a shocker for him to go through with the wedding for the sole sake of cashing in even further? And another thing -- he's built up this whole image of being a stand-up dude who is saving himself for marriage and wants to honor and love his wife with everything he has. He's been so serious about getting married ever since the first night of his season of The Bachelor, so it would be kind of a letdown to fans if he and Catherine parted ways now. (And he would kinda look like a hypocrite too.)

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I just don't see these two ever getting married. But if they do make it to the altar, let's hope it's for the right reasons, not because of a fat paycheck.

Do you think Sean is marrying Catherine for money and fame?


Image via ABC

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