'Walking Dead' Zombie Hall of Fame: The 5 Most Memorable Walkers (PHOTOS)

Linda Sharps | May 1, 2013 TV

Walking DeadYou'd think that with The Walking Dead being on hiatus until season 4 starts in October, I wouldn't be writing about the series very often -- but you'd be wrong. Totally wrong. Like, dead wrong. Zombies are basically my dream Jeopardy topic (aside from "overpriced hair care products" and "decades-old Simpsons quotes"), so a little thing like the show being off the air isn't going to slow me down, by golly.

With that said, let's get straight to the incredibly serious business of identifying the most memorable Walking Dead walkers to date. There are an awful lot to choose from (472 onscreen zombie deaths as of last December's amazing infographic by The National Post), but I've narrowed down the list to my 5 personal favorites. Take a look and see if you agree!

Which Walking Dead zombie did you think was the creepiest?

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  • Little Girl Zombie


    Via AMC

    Who could forget this creepy little girl? We saw her in the opening scene of the very first episode, when Deputy Rick Grimes was traveling toward Atlanta. He stopped at a spookily abandoned gas station, where he spotted the little girl dressed in a robe and carrying a mangled stuffed bear. After calling out to her -- bad idea! BAD IDEA! -- he was forced to put a bullet in her head when she growled and tried to attack.

  • Bicycle Girl Zombie


    The iconic “Bicycle Girl” zombie once had a real name: Hannah. Before she was a living corpse, Hannah sacrificed herself to a group of walkers so her two children could get away. As the weeks went by, her body rotted and eventually was torn in half before she was discovered by Rick as he rode a bicycle back to his house to look for Lori and Carl. Rick later returned to seek out Hannah's tragic remains, and mercifully shot her in the head.

    If you haven't seen it already, check out episode one of a webisode devoted to Hannah's sad story.

  • Morgan's Zombified Wife


    Morgan's wife -- AKA Jennifer Jones -- also appeared in the first episode. After Rick met Morgan Jones and his son Duane, Morgan told him the tale of how his wife had become sick with a fever and died before re-animating and joining the ever-increasing crowds of bloodthirsty walkers. The extra-disturbing thing about Morgan's wife (aside from the whole awful business of creating incomprehensible sorrow for Morgan and Duane) was how she was strongly attracted to the house. Almost as if she retained memories ... or knew her family was inside.

  • Bus Zombie


    Bus Zombie was the walker that Rick noticed when he arrived in Atlanta on horseback, right before all hell broke out and Rick ended up hiding in an army tank. Bus Zombie was particularly creepy because we kept seeing him, over and over, and he almost seemed to have some level of aggressive intellect. Plus, he looks weirdly familiar, don't you think?

  • Well Zombie


    Was ANYTHING more gross than the Well Zombie in season 2? Bloated, disgusting, and falling to pieces, Well Zombie provided the barf moment of the series when the survivors tried to pull it to the surface, it moistly ripped in two, and T-Dawg had to gorily dispatch its upper half with a hatchet.


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