Jenelle Evans Got Her Hair Highlighted Just in Time for Her Arrest

jenelle evansOh Jenelle Evans. Ever since her arrest for heroin possession and assault last week, she's been keeping a low profile accepting personal responsibility seeking help wondering how we're going to appreciate her new blond highlights and her leopard print tattoo if she's stuck inside a courthouse all summer. Man, facing federal charges is such a bummer!

Just one day before her arrest, Jenelle was in a salon getting her summer hair on. "New hair. Highlightssss! Getting ready for summer," she tweeted on April 22. "New hair don't care !!! :) hahhaa love it." Ouch. Maybe she cared a little more when police found 12 bindles of heroin along with some Percocet at her house. Think she'd have still gotten her hair done if she'd known she was one day away from arrest?


Knowing Jenelle, probably. Maybe that's why she wrote that little poem rhyming "don't care" with "hair" -- because: Teenage Bravado. Also? BEST MUGSHOT EVARRRR! 'Cept for that headband and the bleary eyes.

Anyway, her next court date is just a couple weeks away (May 14, for those of you keeping track) and she still doesn't give a toot -- except this toot she's giving on the beach:

jenelle evans

Okay, to be fair, someone else added that fart bubble to her selfie. But Jenelle thought it was hilarious and retweeted it. Because what's funnier than lounging on the beach farting when you're possibly facing a prison sentence? Everything!

I'm not kidding. Jenelle is so screwed at this point, there's almost no point in acting contrite and trying to reform at the last minute. We've seen her try that before, and it didn't take. No one is going to believe it this time around, no matter how dire her situation is.

So yeah, she's going to flaunt those ill-timed blond highlights on the beach while she can. Because soon enough she'll be growing out those roots in prison (of not this year, then someday). And with Teen Mom going off the air, eventually people will grow sick of her and stop following her every tweet and toot. Can't really blame her for enjoying every little bit of attention while she still has it.

Do you think Jenelle knew how close she was to arrest when she got those highlights?


Images via Instagram, Twitter

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