‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Sells Her Adult Film for a Shocking Amount of Money

farrah abrahamGet ready for a busy week of trying to illegally download what promises to be one of the most awkward adult films of all time -- Teen Mom Farrah Abraham just sold her "sex tape" to Vivid Entertainment. I'm sure the video will hit the Internet any day now, and I know most of you are just dying to see, wait for it, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, which clocks in at just under 70 minutes. SEVENTY. MINUTES.

So for just how much was Farrah able to sell this masterpiece of assumed anal sex? She originally said she wanted $2 million, but TMZ's reporting she got way less. 


Apparently, Farrah struck a deal that got her just under one million for the project -- reportedly she was paid in the high six figures.

The last time we saw Farrah, she was seen leaving the Vivid Entertainment offices with her father and toddler daughter. Guess her little girl Sophia has some mad negotiating skills because I'm shocked, shocked, that she got as much as she did.

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You know what's mildly interesting about this whole thing? It's that Farrah seemed, from the outside, to come from one of the more stable families on Teen Mom. She also seemed to be the wealthiest. When you looked at her, you would never have thought that she'd be the one starring in a porn with "backdoor" in the title.

But, appearances are just that, and Farrah's proven time and time again over the last few months that she's willing and surprisingly able to do anything to keep her name in the spotlight.

And to her credit, her porn pay day is nothing to sneeze at. She got a lot of money for that shit.

I hope she's happy.

Are you surprised how much Farrah got paid?


Photo via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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