'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & 'DWTS' Partner Peta Murgatroyd Finally Show the Real Reason They Are Still in the Game (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Apr 29, 2013 TV

Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydAs each week passes, the competition heats up a little bit more on Dancing With the Stars. And even though some of the dancers have showed great improvement since the show first started, there can only be three couples who make it to the finals.

They may not be the top scoring couple on DWTS, but Bachelor Sean Lowe and Peta Murgatroyd's "Murgalo" poses have certainly kept us well entertained throughout the season thus far. I mean, who knew Sean was such a funny dude? He really didn't let that side of himself come out too much on The Bachelor, so it's been refreshing to see him goofing around and having a good time in and out of the ballroom.

Keeping things light and fun definitely gets you far in this competition, as Sean and Peta have obviously figured out. Heck, they even have a whole team of fans trying out the Murgalo for themselves. Duh. They aren't stupid. By having a trademark move that people can't resist copying, they've bought themselves an extra week or two in the game. And while we can't predict whether or not they will make it to the end on DWTS, one thing's for sure -- the Murgalo will live on.

Here are some of the best #TeamMurgalo poses from the season -- enjoy!


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