'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans May Finally Gain Perspective After Judge's Shrewd Ruling

teen mom jenelle evansBelieve it or not, there may be some good news to come out of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' heroin possession and domestic violence arrest. The court has ordered that she and Courtland Rogers, despite being husband and wife, are not allowed to communicate whatsoever before their hearings. (Jenelle's is set for May 14.) If they break that rule, they could spend up to 30 days in jail for that offense alone.

Not talking to Courtland is the best thing that could ever happen to Jenelle.


At the risk of sounding like a finger-shaking old granny, that boy is no good. At all. He's abused Jenelle, he abused their unborn baby (which may or may not have caused her to miscarriage), he's allegedly possessed and used heroin, and, for what it's worth, he got "Alnost Famous" tattooed below guns on his lower stomach. Yes, "Alnost."

Jenelle has complete autonomy and should take responsibility for her own actions, but Courtland is and was such a horrible influence that maybe some court-sanctioned time apart will give her some perspective.

It sounds like she's taking the mandate seriously. Jenelle quit Twitter, a place where she and Courtland used to communicate in 140 characters or less. Oh god. Spoke too soon. She's back at it and tweeting up a storm. This should end well.

This is Jenelle's ninth arrest and most serious to date. No matter if she's guilty or not, I do hope she never talks to Courtland again and that a divorce is imminent.

Do you think Courtland was a bad influence on Jenelle?


Photo via jevans8209/Instagram

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