Jenelle Evans TOTALLY Beats Amber Portwood for Most Messed Up 'Teen Mom'

Amber PortwoodTeen Mom Jenelle Evans has been arrested a whopping nine times in her short life. Her latest arrest for heroin possession may have given her one more mug shot for the scrapbook, but it also gave her something else: The attention of the first "bad girl" of Teen Mom. Yes, Amber Portwood's baby daddy Gary Shirley is weighing in with his advice for Evans and it's actually pretty good.

He tweeted at the star and told her essentially that she should learn from Amber, and that if she were anywhere else, she would have been in prison long ago.

Gary Shirley, FTW! He is so right on here. Amber Portwood is no one's role model, but maybe in this case, she should be. No one knows better than Amber about the mistakes that can land you in prison (or worse). And she is trying to get better. The latest news is that she is even teaching anger management classes.


In all the years of issues with Amber, I never once thought she didn't love her child. She was messed up, but not to the same level as Jenelle. Jenelle is just a whole other ball game when it comes to this. So will she ever get better? I'd say no.

But she can try.

Just like Amber, she can take her issues and she can turn them into good. But she has to do that herself. No one can do that for her. For Amber, it took hitting bottom and really accepting her issues and accepting prison.

If that is what it took, that was what she was willing to do. Her love of her daughter Leah was readily apparent. Jenelle, not so much. These two majorly messed up women aren't exactly the same. Amber at least has the desire to get better. Jenelle? Not so much.

Given that she tweeted about her sobriety hours before her heroin arrest and she openly sought drugs during her last show on MTV, it's becoming readily apparent that Jenelle has a major issue. Major. As in, may never get better.

I never discounted Amber, though. There is always hope for her. So, yes. Jenelle, take a page from our girl Amber and get yourself straight. Whatever it takes, just do it. You will be so much happier.

Do you think Jenelle will ever get it together?


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