Sean Lowe Sleeps With Catherine Guidici Which Obviously Means He's Out of Control

sean lowe virginEarth shattering news: Sean Lowe lost his virginity ... again. No, I'm not talking about those times in college that he chooses to forget about -- I'm talking about this time around. You know, since he's declared he's a born-again virgin and is waiting until marriage to have sex. Yeah, about that ...

So apparently, Sean and his fiance Catherine Guidici sealed the deal months ago while filming The Bachelor, but decided to keep this little lie going, because ... why spoil a good story, right?

But unfortunately, this little lie has caused quite a few problems in their picture-perfect relationship.


According to Life & Style magazine, now that Sean is no longer a virgin OR a born-again virgin, Catherine fears he's lost all control and will cheat on her. Because having sex and being an out-of-control sex addict are the same exact thing, right? Come on! If the rumors are true and Sean did sleep with Catherine, then I say good for him. He's clearly held out for the past few years, it's about time the man's gotten some release. But that doesn't mean he's going to turn into some kind of sex robot with no off-switch.

And while I don't necessarily agree with keeping this lie going for all this time, I can't imagine this story unfolding any other way. Like, what was the guy supposed to do, go on Good Morning America to give graphic details about losing his born-again virginity? I don't think so.

So, Sean had sex in college. Then he stopped for a while. Then he met Catherine. Now he's doing it again. Not really rocket science here, people. Perhaps it's time we move on.

Do you think Sean had sex with Catherine? Does it even matter?

Image via Life & Style

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