'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Can't Even Quit Twitter Without Drama

jenelle evansNot sure if it was before, during, or after Jenelle Evans' heroin arrest, but the Teen Mom star decided to quit Twitter, only to -- you guessed it -- sign back on hours later. Jenelle tweeted the succinct but profound message "Bye Twitter" at around 7:30 p.m. yesterday and then, about five hours later, was back on tweeting to someone.

So, she didn't quit Twitter. Not even a little. 


There are few things more annoying than when people fire off a message on a social networking site, saying how they're quitting said social networking site. They may as well just write: "I'm not really thinking of leaving (insert site), but it would be really cool if a few people told me how much they like me/don't ever want me to leave (insert site)." If you're going to leave, leave. No need to write a dissertation on how and why you're leaving -- especially if you're going to come back only a few hours later. Just quit. It really is that simple.

When I quit Facebook, you know what I did? I just deactivated my account. Boom, done. I actually felt a little bad about it afterwards, because there are some people out there who I really like who probably think I unfriended them, but it just seemed like the cleanest break. To write this elaborate thing on how I was quitting would only prolong the process and maybe make me question my decision. I knew I wanted out, so I just got out.

I think when people write about how they're thinking of leaving Facebook or Twitter, they really don't want to leave. What they're looking for is attention or maybe reasons why they should stay. In Jenelle's case, I'm thinking it's more the former, as she doesn't need a reason to stay on Twitter. The girl lives and breathes that shit.

Did you or someone you know ever announce that they're leaving a social networking site? Thoughts on that?

Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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