'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Latest Arrest Gives Her Another Mugshot for the Scrapbook (PHOTOS)

Jeanne Sager | Apr 24, 2013 TV

Jenelle Evans mugshotJenelle Evans certainly has had a rough go of it, hasn't she? The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested this week on charges of heroin possession and domestic violence. But in a month that also brought us the shocking arrest of actress Reese Witherspoon for disorderly conduct, Jenelle's arrest stands out in that it's not shocking in the least. If anything, fans of the show have come to expect the troubled reality star to end up in the police blotter.

Not fair? It is when you have enough mugshots to fill a family photo album!

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This heroin arrest is the Teen Mom's first of the year, but since 2010, she's been a familiar face for Brunswick County, North Carolina cops. They've charged her with everything from breaking and entering to cyberstalking and then some.

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here's a look at nine of Jenelle's mugshots over the years -- yup, I said nine -- all the way up to her latest. 

Were you shocked by Jenelle's heroin arrest, or is this something you've come to expect from her?


Image via Brunswick County Police

  • Drug Possession and Breaking and Entering


    In an arrest chronicled on MTV, Jenelle and boyfriend Kieffer Delp were arrested in October 2010 for breaking and entering and drug possession.

  • Assault and Affray


    Who can forget the video of Jenelle and "friend" Brittany Truett in a vicious girl fight? That was March 2011, when the reality star was arrested for assault and affray.

  • Affray


    Another shot from her arrest for the fight with Brittany Truett. At the time, Jenelle was just 19.

  • Probation Violation


    We all say it on MTV -- Jenelle was supposed to be keeping herself clean after her 2010 arrest, but she failed a drug test resulting in an arrest for violation of probation.

  • Harassing Phone Calls


    The infamous grinning mugshot came in January 2012, when Jenelle was arrested for harassing phone calls and communicating threats for allegedly harassing former roommate Hannah Inman.

  • Violating an Order of Domestic Violence Protection


    Yes, the date stamp on this police photo is right. Just six days after being arrested for harassing phone calls, Evans was booked for violating an order of domestic violence protection.

  • Cyberstalking


    The Teen Mom was booked in March 2012 on charges of cyberstalking her former boss (and longtime Internet adversary) James Duffy.

  • Assault and Possession


    This season of Teen Mom 2 has featured heavily on Jenelle's arrest in June 2012 after a domestic violence incident with then-boyfriend Gary Head. At the time, Jenelle was charged with simple assault, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of Klonopin. The charges against her were later dropped.

  • Heroin Possession


    Jenelle's latest mugshot came this week in Brunswick County, North Carolina. She was charged with heroin possession and domestic violence as well as being served for failure to pay child support.

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