'DWTS' Results Recap: Sean Lowe Should Have Been Gone Two Weeks Ago

Victor OrtizCan someone tell me why on Earth former Bachelor Sean Lowe is still on Dancing With the Stars? He can't dance, his stint on The Bachelor ended a while ago, and he is really, really not interesting in any other way. He should have been off a show calling him a "star" three episodes ago. But somehow, he lives to fight another day.

Look, I get that the show is allegedly about voting and scores. I do get that. But how Andy Dick and Sean Lowe both survived another week is kind of beyond me. Do these men really have fans?

Tonight's elimination was a bit of a surprise. It wasn't a person I would have pegged. (*SPOILERS AHEAD.)


Tonight, boxer Victor Ortiz was sent packing. It's kind of insane given he and his partner Lindsay Arnold were easily much better than Andy Dick and Sean Lowe. But again, it's never about the talent and almost always about the fans. Sigh.

OK, that's not true. Talent AND fans have to come together. Consider that I would highly doubt Zendaya has many fans (did anyone know who she was?), but her talent convinces most of us she needs to stay. But with those people on the bubble? Forget it. All bets are off.

For instance, tonight, Team Paso got picked for the encore performance to "Higher Ground" -- thanks to fan tweets -- even though Team Samba had beaten them handily in the competition with the judges. Hmmm. This is the kind of thing that annoys me about this show.

So we said goodbye to Ortiz. We knew we would. We knew he wouldn't win. But still, he had a couple more dances. Tonight, Sean Lowe should have danced his last.

I guess there is always next week. 

Did you think the right person went home tonight?


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