'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Gets Slammed in New Behind-the-Scenes Book

teen mom farrahEver want to cozy up with a mug of whiskey and a book about Teen Mom drama? Now's your chance. Teen Mom Confidential: Secrets & Scandals From MTV's Most Controversial Shows hit the market earlier this month and includes behind-the-scenes info on all our favorite cast members that we love to love and love to hate, and naturally, the dirt on Farrah Abraham isn't pretty. This girl cannot catch a break!


Not that she necessarily deserves a break, but still, it seems like every day there's another story that paints her in a very ugly light, and this Confidential book is no different.

Authors Sean Daly and Ashley Majeski allege that Farrah was disrespectful to MTV and called the camera crew "workers", even telling a neighbor that the crew members, "they work for me!"

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Farrah's also described as a menace. Apparently she was so rude that neighbors cheered when she finally moved out of her Miami, Florida condo. Can you imagine packing up your U-Haul to a round of sarcastic applause? Ouch.

The thing about Farrah, though, is that we believe these rumors without so much as a second thought. Any bad press she gets just seems to make sense, since, you know, she's been royally effing up in real life. Just one glance at that Dr. Phil interview and any sympathy you may have had for the Teen Mom will dissolve in seconds and return as this weird, sad kind of enmity.

So yeah, I believe it when they say Farrah was rude to the crew and was a disaster of a neighbor. It seems to align with her personality pretty nicely. And whose fault is that? Farrah's, and Farrah's alone.

Do you believe these latest rumors about Farrah?


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