Andy Cohen Is a 'Fluffer' for Heterosexual Men Across America

Andy CohenJust when we thought we couldn't love Andy Cohen any more. He recently went on The Wendy Williams Show and sat in the hot seat where he answered a host of personal questions from whether he's ever taken a dip in the lady pond (nope, he's a "pure blood") to when was the last time that he had sex (nine days ago). He also provided some pretty convincing evidence as to how he's sparking his own personal baby boom in this country.

He said he's a "fluffer" for heterosexual men in America. If you're not familiar with the term, it's a person who helps porn stars get, uh, ready to make their films. Andy says he gets the women tipsy and heated up while watching him on Watch What Happens Live, and then they're ready for their husbands.


"I get the ladies a little drunk at 11 o'clock every night ... then they turn to their husbands and say, 'How you doin'?' ... I think I'm responsible for a lot of babies."

I do not disagree! It's Andy Cohen nation, I tell you.

Former basketball star and current competitor on Splash, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, agrees that Andy Cohen is a genius. He has gone so far as to call him "the Andy Warhol of the 21st century." He goes on to say in a piece on The Huffington Post titled "How the Real Housewives Have Made America Better":

His version of Warhol's Campbell's soup cans and multi-colored Marilyns are the table-flipping divas and surgically-buoyed breasts he puts "on display." (Followers of the shows will appreciate that musical inside reference.)

He's totally serious too. He goes on to argue in detail the merits of the Real Housewives shows and Andy's brilliance. He even compares the shows to art, which should be appreciated:

Watching these housewives scramble to suture up their tattered personas is both anger-inducing and heart-wrenching. That's what literature is supposed to do: make us angry at certain behavior; then when we recognize ourselves in the characters we so harshly judge, to change our behavior.

I've long tried to explain/justify -- to myself and to others -- why I, a fairly well-educated mother of two, is so fascinated with this series, and Kareem does a pretty great job of doing just that. That, plus Andy and his fluffing, and I'm not going to be tuning out any time soon.

Why do you love Andy Cohen and the Real Housewives shows?


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