'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Barney Was Totally Right to Kick Alexis Bellino Out

Lydia McLaughlin, Alexis Bellino, and Vicki GunvalsonDamn, what an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County that was. It was all straight-up, gut-wrenching tension that exploded in the final moments into a rage-filled dinner from hell that will go down in Housewives history. 

Vicki Gunvalson should have known better than to invite Alexis Bellino to Tamara Barney's gym-warming party. More importantly, however, Alexis should have known NOT to go, even if Tamra grudgingly said it was okay for her to go. If she really was going with the best of intentions, she should have at least called Tamra first to feel her out and at least roughly smooth things over, but not Alexis, she just went. Bringing a last-minute plus one -- new girl Lydia McLaughlin -- was just an extra added rude and insensitive move on top of it all.

It was the perfect drama storm with a total Bachelor vibe to it, as Heather Dubrow pointed out, especially as the limos started rolling up.


At first it felt like maybe it would just be a tense night. It's pretty early in the season, and everyone was there to support Tamra. So maybe they would all keep it together? Not even close.

Gretchen Rossi, who is a total pot stirrer hell-bent on pitting Vicki and Tamra against one another, started with the snide comments when Vicki was talking about her insurance company being right across from the gym. Then she got really low and made fun of Vicki for referring to her daughter Briana's baby as "her baby". Everyone knew what she meant, and Gretchen (playing dumb innocent) was just being malicious. So while Vicki calling her a stupid person wasn't nice, it was pretty well justified.

Then they all sat down to dinner, and things got even uglier. Tamra told Alexis she didn't understand why she was there since the last she'd heard from her was that she wanted to sue her (for calling her "Jesus Jugs"). At that point, Alexis could have tried to make peace, to say something about wanting to make things better. Instead she shot back, "At least it shut you up."

Then it was ON, and all of a sudden Alexis was accusing them all of bullying her again, right then and there. Now, I do think the ladies were hard on her in Costa Rica, and they're really pissed at her now, but bullying? No way. And it's getting really old hearing her bandy about that term so casually when there are so many REAL cases of bullying out there. Heather Dubrow (who seems to be looking for a little more drama this season) said Alexis has a "very strange relationship with the truth," and that sounds about right.

Finally Tamra had enough. "Get the fuck out! Get out now," she shouted at Alexis, dragging her chair away from the table. I was waiting for a punch to be thrown. All the while Alexis wouldn't shut up and just leave. Finally she did, and that's when Tamra locked her eyes on Vicki and said, "Sorry Vicki you can choose your side right now. If you’re gonna side with her, then you get the fuck out too. Done!"

Of course, the episode ended there, and we're left to wonder what Vicki will do. Based on previews for next week that show her and Lydia in the limo with Alexis, it looks like she's going to choose Alexis. The battle lines will then be firmly drawn, and that hope we had of Tamra and Vicki reconciling is going to be a distant memory.

Do you think Vicki will choose Alexis over Tamra? Which Housewife was the mostly poorly behaved tonight? Do you think Alexis was bullied?


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