'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock's Hair Gets a Bad TV Makeover (PHOTOS)

bacheloretteNew photos of Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock all Bacheloretted-up have been bestowed upon the masses, and there are a few things we need to discuss. One: since Desiree is a bridal stylist, do you think she designed her dress of roses and directed the photo shoot? Two: I had no idea her bangs were hiding the fact that she looks a lot like Katie Holmes. And three: hey, what did they do to her hair?


If you're able to look past her soccer-mom pink button-down and light blue jeans, you'll notice that Desiree's hair has either been digitally enhanced or clipped-on. What is with that part on top of her head that's partless and, like, five inches thick? I'm a fan of getting rid of the bangs, but if it was replaced with this bizarre helmet hair extension glob, I'd like to go ahead and order the bangs be brought back.desiree hartsock

Desiree's hair: a crisis like none other.

As far as this red dress of roses go, I dig it. I like to think that it was, in fact, a gown, and not just Des in a green suit that was converted into a CGI dress of flowers, but frankly, I doubt Chris Harrison had his elves sew together a frock of fauna. He's cheap like that.

The new season premieres May 27 and I know you can't wait to dissect her suitors, her selections, and her sartorial choices. Here's hoping that rose dress makes an appearance ... and that her hair issues get sorted out by then.

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