'Mad Men' Recap: Don Would Do Anything for Love, but He Won't Do That

don and megan draper season 6 episode 4Now, there's absolutely no denying it -- we've entered the swinging-est part of the '60s. Literally. Just when you thought Don's affair with Sylvia had the potential to morph into a Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice situation involving Megan and Dr. Rosen, the Drapers got propositioned ... by another couple in tonight's episode, "To Have and to Hold." After notifying Megan that her storyline is being developed further -- her maid character is going to have an affair with her married boss -- the head writer, Mel, and his wife and the Susan Lucci of the series, Arlene, invite Megan and Don out to dinner. Where they suggest going back to their place to "smoke some grass and ... become friends." HA! Aaaawwkward.

Well, it didn't have to be. The Drapers could have explored a new frontier. But is that really either Megan or especially Don's style?


Oh no. Our tortured, womanizing protagonist is perfectly cool with keeping things the way they were pre-Summer of Love ... AKA he likes his extramarital sex behind closed doors, with one other woman at a time. NOT with another couple!

He's also painfully old-fashioned when it comes to what he's okay with Megan doing for her career. When she tells him she'll be having to take on "love scenes" as a part of her gig now, he responds, "I guess if I wasn’t your husband, I would be happy for you," but all he can muster really is tolerance. Or so he says. Because then he shows up on set and sees the love scene in action and has a field day tearing into his innocent wife for "taking money to kiss someone." Then turns on his heel, and proceeds to head back to their building and continue to shtup Sylvia behind Megan's back. Ugh, DON!

But just when we're about to hate the heck out of him for his behavior, Sylvia spells it out for us. After he gives her a hard time about the cross pendant around her neck, teasing her by asking if she prays for absolution when he leaves, she says, no, she prays for him to find peace. Well, guess these two can take heart in one thing: Being that it's 1968 -- he sure isn't alone in his search.

Neither is Joan, whose partnership at SDCP seems forever haunted by the events leading up to her promotion. Whoa, how 'bout when Harry flew into that impulsive, jealous rage and actually called her out in the partners' meeting?! Eek! Or her Mary Kay-selling friend, Kate, who covets what she sees as Joan's exciting, successful life. Or Dawn, SDCP's first African-American employee, who feels she has to just keep her head down and do as she's told to keep her job, even though she thinks all the employees at the agency are miserable. So much angst! No wonder everyone seems to be slowly switching from heavy doses of liquor to frequently lighting up joints.

How do you feel about Don's hypocrisy? Could you believe what Harry did to Joan?!

Image via Jordin Althaus/AMC

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