'Game of Thrones' Recap: Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, Shines in Most Incredible Episode Yet

game of thrones and now his watch is endedWell, Game of Thrones fans, early reviews were teasing that "And Now His Watch Is Ended" was going to feature a mind-blowing scene, perhaps one of the best in the show's history ... and holy crap, it did not disappoint! After building up some momentum by giving us a crazy surprise twist at the end of last week's episode, "Walk of Punishment," which I'm not about to give away here in case you haven't seen it, these episodes are the reason why those of us who have read A Storm of Swords were so looking forward to this season!

And the end of this episode is something I'm going to watch over and over again because it was that amazing. It proves why this series is the best on TV. If you haven't yet seen "And Now His Watch Is Ended," please proceed no farther. SPOILERS AHEAD.


Let's just get to the scene that everyone will be talking about at the office in the morning. It occurs in the last 10 or so minutes of the episode, but it was well worth the wait.

The slave masters and 8,000 Unsullied gather in a huge plaza so Daenerys can trade her biggest dragon, Drogon, for her army. Once Daenerys confirms she owns the army by obtaining the whip from Kraznys, she simply unleashes her inner badass. There's no other way to say it.

She speaks in Valyrian (shocking Kraznys and his translator, showing that she understood his rude and sexist and degrading remarks) and gives a few orders to confirm the army is indeed hers. "A dragon is not a slave," she warns when Kraznys complains that he cannot control Drogon. And with one word, "dracarys," she commands Drogon to burn the shit out of Kraznys and orders the army to turn on the masters and kill everyone but the children. She walks away with her army AND her dragon. So. AWESOME! Daenerys, OMFG, we love you.

She then gives them the option to fight for her as free men. They tap their spears on the ground in an act of solidarity, and she throws the whip to the ground. They leave the slave city, and I hope they go straight for Joffrey. I may or may not have applauded at the end of that sequence. What a fantastic ending and kudos to Emilia Clarke!

Still, we can't ignore our favorite odd couple after last week: Brienne and Jaime. After Jaime loses his sword hand, it seems he's sunk as low as a man can get, being forced to wear his hand around his neck and falling off his horse into a pile of mud and being tricked into drinking horse piss.

Jaime makes a conscious decision to die by refusing to eat. Brienne tells him to live to take revenge and calls him a coward. "You whine and cry and quit. You sound like a bloody woman," she says, which is hilariously ironic. Then, in a rather touching moment, she acknowledges he saved her from the rape when he didn't have to ... while he takes a bite of food.

We also learn that Varys has kidnapped the sorcerer that once cut off his man parts; Varys and Lady Olenna have plans for Sansa because, in regards to Littlefinger, who's taken an interest in her, "He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes"; Margaery wants Sansa to marry her brother Loras Tyrell (Willas in the books) (Loras was having an affair with the late King Renly Baratheon last season) (this probably won't end well for Sansa); and Margaery still has evil, crypt- and ashes- and death-loving King Joffrey manipulated to the point that his mom Cersei goes to her father to complain about it.

Damn, in the very first episode, we had Tywin put his son Tyrion in his place, and now it's Cersei, whom he lectures for not being able to control Joffrey: "I don't distrust you because you're a woman. I distrust you because you're not as smart as you think you are." What a brilliant power play, and every time Tywin schools one of his children, it totally explains why they're all so messed up.

"You're still here ... why?"

Other notes:

  • Can't believe Podrick's amazing skills in bed have carried on to a second episode.
  • Seems Theon actually starts feeling badly for what he's done -- but then his seeming savior betrays him and puts him right back on the torture cross. WTF?! Was all that just a huge waste of time?
  • Craster is killed and the Night's Watch erupts. Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, aka Old Bear, bites the dust too. Samwell flees and rescues his girl crush Gilly and her new baby boy.
  • Beric Dondarrion sighting! Leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, he tries the Hound for murder. We get a lot of backstory about Beric in the book about how he's been resurrected a bunch of times, but in this episode, he challenges the Hound to a duel. Should be a really good fight.
  • I'm still geeking out about that final scene. How the heck am I supposed to go to bed now?

What did you think of the final scene with Daenerys and the Unsullied?


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