'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Dr. Phil Interview Exposes Her as a Total Brat (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamSet the DVR and get out your pearls to clutch -- Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is going to be on Dr. Phil Friday. Within the past two weeks alone, Farrah has gotten a DUI, made an adult film, and declared her own mother unfit for the role, and now, Dr. Phil, everyone's favorite TV therapist and Britney Spears hospital room-crasher, is evidently going to try and talk some sense into her.

Best part? Farrah's mom Deborah, to whom she's currently not speaking, will be there on stage, too. You guys! This is going to be so good.


I think this has a chance to be better than Dina Lohan's spot on Dr. Phil. More sober, I should hope, but still, just as entertaining.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Farrah is aware that people care what she's doing because she's a trainwreck, not because she's hot, or interesting, or has some sort of star quality.

Maybe Dr. Phil will help her see things clearl ... LOL. I can't even get through that sentence.

Watch the teaser trailer and tell me what you think!

Photo via drphilshow/YouTube

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