Jenelle Evans’ Response to ‘Buckwild’ Sex Tape Scandal Made Us Fall Out of Our Chairs

jenelle evans twitterIt's rare that we ever see Teen Mom Jenelle Evans excercising some self-control on Twitter and saying less than she needs to. Remember the Twitter feud she got into with the cast of Buckwild? I'm thinking Shae Bradley in particular. Jenelle could have let Shae's vague tweet about "MTV shows about horrible parents" fly on by without comment. But she took the bait and shot back and just looked defensive and petty.

Maybe she learned her lesson? Now Shae is caught in a sex tape scandal -- which she denies. Naturally, Starcasm reached out to Jenelle for a comment via Twitter. Here's how Jenelle responded to the Buckwild sex video scandal (drumroll, please):


jenelle evans twitter

Wow, she just laughed! That's almost classy -- for Jenelle. Is this the same gal who eats Drama Flakes for breakfast every morning? She could've said "karma's a bitch" or any number of other insults. We know she's not afraid of conflict, and she's not shy about sharing how she feels. Maybe she learned something from that last exchange with Shae. 

Jenelle is still revealing how she feels about the sex tape scandal. That laugh says a lot. But there's plenty left unsaid there, too. And what kind of a response can a person have to laughter? That pretty much ends it right there. Everyone just walks away -- for now.

Now let's see if Jenelle can keep it up. Come to think of it, how do I know Jenelle doesn't exercise self-restraint all the time? For every attack-tweet she sends, she could be deciding not to send five more.

Do you think Jenelle's response shows self-restraint, or is she still being provocative?


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