'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Is Turning Into a Prison Success Story

Amber PortwoodIn a shocking turn of events, Amber Portwood -- the embattled young mother from MTV's Teen Mom who abused her boyfriend Gary on television for all to see -- is actually doing well in prison and is now teaching anger management classes (go figure). I say, good on her.

The truth is, there is no one better to teach a class on something they had to learn the hard way. Never once, in all the years of Teen Mom, did I think Portwood was a bad person. I genuinely always got the sense that she was trying, that she loved her daughter, and that she could get better if only she made the effort.

So why SHOULDN'T she be teaching classes? Her whole mission in going to prison was to learn how to better support herself and her daughter without the constant anger. Maybe she has learned to manage it.


It's also possible my standards are low. Let's face it, Jenelle Evans is such a complete and total mess that she makes Amber look like mother of the year.

These two women are commonly considered the worst among the teen moms on the show, though Farrah may give them a run for their money with her sex tape (WHAT is she thinking?). In Amber's defense, I have always gotten the sense from her that she is really trying, that she really wants to fix things and make them right and do right by her daughter Leah.

It doesn't always come out the way she wants it, but I have never doubted her sincerity and desire to make things better. Amber is a fighter. I think in the long run, she may turn out OK. So, no. It doesn't surprise me that she would use her pain and turn it into something productive.

Personally, I would much rather learn about how to manage anger from someone else who had to struggle to learn than from a person who doesn't even understand how anger works.

Teen Mom may be over, but those of us who watched still care about Amber. It's good to hear she is doing OK after all. Keep up the good work!

Do you think Amber should be teaching anger management?


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