'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Has a Facebook Page Dedicated to Finding His Future Wife

Chris HarrisonAww! Former Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star Michelle Money is switching things up and trying her hand at matchmaking -- by attempting to find a woman for Chris Harrison on Facebook.

Yep, she thinks it's about time the host of all the Bachelor-related shows moved on with his life and found a nice girl to settle down with, so she's created a Facebook page where women can "apply" to be his bride.

Seriously -- the page is called "The search for the future Mrs. Chris Harrison Michelle Money approved."


The page's description reads: "Looking for the perfect match to Mr. match maker himself. Chris is one of the greatest guys I know and he deserves to find LOVE! Due to his crazy travel schedule, he doesn't have a chance to get out and meet any women. So I shall bring the women to him!"

(Um, why doesn't Michelle date him if she thinks he's so amazeballs? Just a suggestion.)

Ok, so I have to admit, I'm kind of digging the idea of Chris scoring a few dates -- and a potential love connection by way of Facebook. And it's cool that Michelle is trying to set him up instead of him being the one hosting the matchmaking -- almost like The Bachelor in reverse, or something.

But wait a minute -- that gives me an idea. The notion of Chris Harrison as The Bachelor has been tossed around before -- but maybe with Michelle thrown into the mix, it could become a reality?

I mean, obviously he can't host the show and be The Bachelor all at the same time, so why not have Michelle step in to host while he tries his luck with 25 lucky ladies? And maybe whoever she rounds up on Facebook can be the cast? That would save producers a step.

It just seems to make sense for Chris to find love on TV since he makes his living helping other people find love on TV, right?

C'mon Michelle -- get on the phone with ABC now. This could seriously be the beginning of the most dramatic season of The Bachelor EVER.

Do you think Chris would make a good Bachelor?


Image via ABC

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