'Bachelor' Stars Jason & Molly Mesnick Share Baby Photo & Their Daughter Looks Just Like Dad

molly jason mesnickSo glad she accepted that rose! (Eventually!) Bachelor stars and new parents, Jason and Molly Mesnick, have shared a photo of their baby, Riley Anne, and unsurprisingly, the little one is absolutely adorable. Riley, who's now 5 weeks old and just started smiling, posed for the pic with Mom and Dad for People magazine. She's got a full head of hair (so cute!), and seems to resemble her dad. For now.


Everyone says that babies change a million times in the first few years, and hey, guess what? They're right! When my daughter was first born, she looked exactly like my husband -- like, if I didn't deliver her, I may have questioned if she was mine -- but now, she's starting to look a lot more like me. I went to a friend's birthday party the other day, and when I walked in, everyone was all, "Oh my god, she's your twin." But then just last night, I blinked, and she was back to being my husband. Babies. They're real chameleons, I'll tell ya.

The good news for Jason and Molly is no matter who their daughter winds up looking like, she'll be beautiful. They're a good-looking pair, those two. Though imagine Jason's nose with Molly's eyes. Gorgeous. Congrats, guys! Can't wait to see which parent the baby looks like next week.

Who does your baby look like? Did he/she change a million times?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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