'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Suddenly Thinks She Knows What Makes a Good Mother

teen mom farrahToday in Farrah Abraham news, the Teen Mom has declared that her mother is unfit. After having a talk with her counselor, Farrah decided that her "mother will never be a good mother" and concluded the only answer is to move out and to stop speaking to each other. A U-Haul truck was spotted outside their home, and Farrah posted a picture of herself smirking in front of a pile of boxed up shit.

I'm sorry. Did Farrah just get on her high horse about "good mothers"?


Becaaaaaaaaaaaause. I meeeeeeeeeeean. I don't think I really have to tell you guys that Farrah is not exactly the best parent on the planet. The eyebrow waxing, the drinking and driving conviction, THE PORN ... the list goes on and on.

But here's the thing. Farrah's saying she's moving out because she doesn't want her daughter Sophia exposed to such negativity (my words, not Farrah's), so at least she's showing that she does, in fact, take her daughter into consideration when she makes some decisions.

And if Farrah's aware how detrimental an ill-fit mother can be, maybe there's hope down the road that Farrah will break the cycle. Because if she doesn't, she'll have the exact same relationship with Sophia when she grows up to be a teenager. They'll fight, they'll bicker, they'll hit each other, and they'll make self-destructive choices just to spite one another, they'll end up not speaking, and Sophia will move out right after releasing a sex tape.

If that's not what Farrah wants, she needs to make a change. Who knows, maybe moving out of her mom's house is the first step in the right direction. She's got to start somewhere, after all.

Do you think Farrah has a shot at breaking the cycle?


Photo via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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