Anne Frank's Stepsister Defends Justin Bieber but That Doesn't Excuse Him

Justin BieberWell, at least one person isn't pissed at Justin Bieber after he left that unbelievable note in the guest book at the Anne Frank House saying he hoped she'd have been be a "Belieber." Frank's stepsister, Eva Schloss, has spoken out saying she thinks Anne would indeed have been into J.B.

Schloss, a childhood friend of Anne's whose mother later married Anne's father, told The Telegraph: “She probably would have been a fan. Why not? He’s a young man and she was a young girl, and she liked film stars and music."

Interesting, but that's not really the point.


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While many argued that she would have had better taste in music than to be a fan of Bieber, the root of the uproar had nothing to do with her musical taste really. It has to do with Justin taking such a solemn occasion to promote himself.

As Gillian Walnes MBE, co-founder of The Anne Frank Trust UK,  told the paper:

This is a place where Anne spent two years hiding in claustrophobic conditions, where she put down her dreams of making the world a better place.

Now 70 years later a pop singer is trying to hijack this for his own self-aggrandisement. It says a lot about what his ego is turning into.


So while it's nice to know that her sister-in-law thinks Anne would have been fan, it would have been nicer had Justin shown some humility and honor. It certainly doesn't excuse what he did or the fact that he hasn't apologized for it. Guess he's too busy posting shirtless pictures of himself.

Are you surprised that Anne Frank's stepsister is defending Justin Bieber?


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