Katherine Webb Quits 'Splash' & So Should Everyone Else (VIDEO)

Katherine WebbAnd another one bites the dust on Splash, ABC's celebrity diving competition. The latest to decline to dive anymore is Katherine Webb, the 23-year-old who shot to fame after a sports announcer ogled her on air while her boyfriend, AJ McCarron, was playing football.

The former Miss Alabama says her decision was based on doctor's orders. "I went to the doctor, and unfortunately, he told me I'm out of the competition," she told the audience during the show Tuesday night. He parents told the Ledger-Enquirer she suffered the injury after a shaky landing on last week's episode. Apparently she had pain in her back and leg, and it was getting worse. "For several days, she couldn't get out of bed by herself," mom, Leslie Webb told the paper.

Her departure opened up a spot for another previously eliminated contestant to be brought back, and Louis Anderson was the lucky guy. Only once back, he chose to exit again too, saying he wouldn't compete against Brandi Chastain.


He said:

I know I have very little chance of winning this competition, and I am going home, and I am going to defer to Brandi because she has a chance to win this competition.

Their departures also follow on the heels of Kendra Wilkinson's tearful exit a few weeks ago. Kendra quit not because of injury, but rather fear of one and heights in general. She was totally reamed for the move by many at the time, but after Webb's departure, it really makes us question if this show is just too dangerous.

I'm not sure these celebrities had any real idea of what they were getting into when they signed up, besides some notoriety. Those are some high boards, and for the most part, these aren't trained athletes. Diving can be dangerous, and I'm not sure that anyone who isn't properly trained should be risking their safety up there just to bring in some ratings. Hopefully they make it though this season without any serious injuries, but I hope this season of Splash is the last.

Do you think Splash is too dangerous for TV?


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