'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Goes Makeup Free & Looks Adorable (PHOTO)

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans decided to forgo her typical makeup of dark-rimmed eyes and what I assume is a bit of foundation and powder for an au naturel look recently. Jenelle posed with son Jace and posted the pic to Twitter (because if it's not on Twitter, did it really happen?), along with the caption: "Jace and Mommy with no makeup lol."

Why are you laughing out loud, Jenelle? You should be smiling inside. You look good without makeup. Less hellish. More friendly! Please do this more often!


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Now, I love makeup. Do I wear it every day? No. But I've always been slightly envious of the women who do. They look put-together and polished -- two things I aspire to be before I die. But Jenelle's a young lady. A teen mom, actually. (I know, she's no longer a teen; it's a play on words, guys.) She doesn't need to paint her eyes like she's the Duchess of Cambridge every day. In fact, dare I say it, I think Jenelle could use a makeunder. No, she doesn't cake it on every day or spray her hair like Pauly D, but a softer makeup look and a deep conditioning treatment would go a long way on the gal.

Whether you like her or think she's the worst mom/person on the face of the earth, you've gotta admit: Jenelle's a cute kid. And without the makeup, and -- gasp! -- a genuine smile, you can see that all the more. Let's all burn her kohl eyeliner pencils, guys! Get to her Kaboodle and set fire to the thing! It's for her own good! Charge!!!

Do you think Jenelle looks better without makeup?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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