'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Shows Us Just How Sexy a DUI Can Be (VIDEO)

farrah abrahamYou know what Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has taught me about drinking and driving? That it's hilarious! Getting a DUI is, like, totally LOL, you guys. And the laughs just keep on coming. Farrah posted a video to Keek talking about her DUI arrest while alluding to and mimicking oral sex. I mean, it's almost so funny I forgot to laugh.


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In this personal video, Farrah's showing off her ignition interlock, a device she must blow into that measures her blood alcohol level, confirming whether or not she's sober enough to drive. A hilarious, light-hearted subject if ever there was one.

Here, she shows us how to blow into the thing with the giantest WINK WINK ever, and cackles about being a designated driver for six months.

I'm starting to think there's no hope for her. None. Go ahead, watch at your own risk. Do you think Farrah's gone off the deep end?

Apr 15, 2013 | Blow this for 6 months:) YAY I'm a DD ! by f1abraham on Keek.com



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